Like with a Side of Not

I’ve been in a relationship for almost a year and it’s really special to me. He’s beyond fantastic and I really see this thing of ours being long term. The problem is that I don’t like his friends… not one of them. I really tried to find something redeemable about them, but I simply can’t. Have you tried looking at them through your boyfriend’s eyes? You say your guy is beyond fantastic… but you’re saying he has questionable taste in friendships? It doesn’t jive… there must be something redeemable about them and you’re not seeing it. Keep looking. In the meantime, try talking to your boyfriend about why you’re not feeling the like because he might be the looking-glass to seeing their

Mights and Maybes

I’ve been dating a guy for about four months and he proposed. My answer was “maybe”, sending him into a tailspin, ending with him dumping me on the spot. Not happy about it, but I’m not sad either… is “maybe” a wrong answer to a proposal? Sounds like you gave the right answer. Obviously you responded with “maybe" because your intention was to build more of a foundation with this guy or because you simply need to learn about him. His torched Earth response was a crash course in learning about how he handles answers he doesn’t like and it’s your cue to move on… no maybe to it! I’ve been dating someone for over a year, and I can’t put my finger on it but I’m just not happy. I’ve really t

Missing in Action

I met a guy online before Christmas and he chatted me up quite a bit. A couple weeks ago I suggested a second time that we get together and he vanished… no sight of him on the app or any other apps either. Why do people do this? No way to know for sure why he’s MIA, however most pull the “Casper the Not-so-Friendly Ghosting” act because either they met someone and traded Tinder for The Knot or they simply weren’t forthright with their story. Either way, you should be happy… happy he met someone and happier that you dodged a dishonest bullet. Of course they didn’t handle the exit properly, but there’s not much you can really do with that… just move on and keep swiping! Since the first of


My partner never wants to go out and with Valentine’s approaching I’d like to do a night on the town. How do I convince him to put down the remote and put on the dancing shoes? If you’re having a hard time motivating him to be less of a sluggish homebody and more of a social hero, you might want to try getting him out on a night that’s not crazy crowded because of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you should suggest it, let him balk at the idea and then agree with him… followed by a “You’re right… it will be a zoo... instead we’ll go out the following weekend! Great idea!” Do something nice for him at home on Valentine’s Day and make those reservations out for the 21st! I have a co-worker who’s a

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