Masked Wonderings

So many guys I meet up with on apps want one thing only- even though their profile states that they’re seeking a relationship. What’s up the deception? Be it online or in person, not everyone in the dating pool comes from a place of honesty. Wearing the mask of Mr. Right could be his tool to achieve the goal of Mr. Right Now and it’s up to you not to fall for the trick. Be patient and eventually the right Trick or Treater will show up at your door. For every faceless profile on my app, is there an unsuspecting wife waiting at home for her DL hubby? Could be a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or boss… maybe even his cousin or his high school buddies. There’s no telling why people choo

Two Party Systems

My partner and I see eye-to-eye on most everything except politics. We try to stay clear of political talk at home, but when we go out with our friends the topic always comes up. He’s very vocal of his opinions, but he respectfully listens to the opinions of others. The problem is that our friends don’t really listen back and not really nice when responding to him. I also see a drop in hanging out with them, which is also a sad problem. In today’s world, the art of conversation and the concept of friendly debate are approaching extinction. Many people’s line in the sand is deeply drawn and they aren’t open to civil dialogue if the voice on the other side differs from their beliefs. Unf

Loyal Flush

I’ve been dating a guy for six months and it’s going great. The only frustration is that my best friend has nothing positive to say about him or my relationship. At every turn he says something negative. My boyfriend and I are most likely taking it to the next level, which thrills me, but I’m not looking forward to the negative commentary from my friend. Sometimes people are afraid of change. As you place more focus on your new relationship, he may perceive a diminishing of your focus on your friendship with him. Perhaps you should try to include him in an activity with your boyfriend. Allowing him to see you with a partner will hopefully illustrate that you can have a boyfriend and a

Ghost Busting

I’m dating a really great guy with a really big problem. He’s still carrying some baggage from his last relationship and a lot of it is projected on me. If I’m late because a meeting went over, he thinks I’m cheating. I realize it’s a trust issue and it takes time to earn trust but I want to do what it takes to reassure him and have his trust. The misdeeds of the Ghosts of Relationships Past are sometimes difficult to exorcise. You express the desire to earn his trust, and that says a lot about you and how much you care for this guy. When he realizes that the actions of the past have no play on the behavior of the now, he’s going to be just fine and your relationship will be on track to

Three's Company?

My mother-in law has an opinion on everything and isn’t afraid to voice it. The problem is that her influence over my husband is becoming intolerable- so much so that I feel I’m in a relationship with her instead of her son. Lately he can’t make a decision without her approval and it’s driving me crazy. Parents and close friends are great sounding boards for sharing ideas and getting opinions but when their beliefs become an edict it’s definitely crossing a line. Sounds like it’s time for a serious conversation with your husband; a conversation that covers the proper place of parental opinion, the necessity of boundaries and the importance of a partnership having the final say. My partne

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