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Mights and Maybes

I’ve been dating a guy for about four months and he proposed. My answer was “maybe”, sending him into a tailspin, ending with him dumping me on the spot. Not happy about it, but I’m not sad either… is “maybe” a wrong answer to a proposal?

Sounds like you gave the right answer. Obviously you responded with “maybe" because your intention was to build more of a foundation with this guy or because you simply need to learn about him. His torched Earth response was a crash course in learning about how he handles answers he doesn’t like and it’s your cue to move on… no maybe to it!

I’ve been dating someone for over a year, and I can’t put my finger on it but I’m just not happy. I’ve really tried and goodness knows he’s been great, but something is missing. I’m afraid to end it because I hate the idea of starting over in the dating scene.

Staying unhappy is better than taking a risk at being happy? The fear of being single isn’t a reason to stay in a relationship- it’s not fair to you and especially not fair to him. If you’re positive that you can’t find happiness in this relationship, it’s time to man up and move on… for your sake and for his. The risk might just lead you to the happiness you seek.

My husband just received a promotion that would take us to another city, and I’m not nervous about the move from a professional standpoint (I work remotely) but from a personal one. We have a great social life and support system here and I really hate to give that up.

Congratulations on the new opportunity! You know it’s exactly that- an opportunity. Sure it hurts to leave friends behind, but they will still be your friends and social media makes it so easy to maintain relationships. You now have the chance to make new friends, try new things and experience a new city. Looks like a great adventure on the horizon for you both… and you just might super grateful you took the chance.

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