Dumpsters and Dilemmas

My boyfriend dumped me and at first I was pretty upset but it quickly changed to anger and annoyance. Not because of the breakup (now I’m actually more than OK with it) but because he keeps contacting me asking me to get back together. I don’t think it’s because he really wants me and misses our relationship- I think it’s because the other option didn’t pan out. Making the decision to end a relationship isn’t one that should be made without confident conviction. It sounds like your Ex might have been certain at the time but in retrospect he didn’t really think everything through- especially if he was exiting to enter another relationship. It seems you’re more than ok with the Free Agent st

Word on the Street

I recently experienced a breakup and I know my Ex is twisting the story to make him look good and me look like the bad guy. How can I get the last word in and set these people straight? The last word is conveyed to the world by living your best life and creating your happily ever after. Why should you care what your Ex says to others? There’s really no reason to care because you’ve moved on and chances are his audience knows the performer very well. Give them credit to discern the truth from self serving stories. They know the difference, and if for whatever reason they don’t, it simply doesn’t matter. Their opinions regarding your breakup are only consequential if you allow it- so don’t

To Go, or not To Go...

I received an invitation to my 20th high school reunion which normally wouldn’t be a problem but for me it is. Being gay in high school made me the target of a lot of bullying and in spite of having a circle of friends my high school experience wasn’t the best. I’ve never been to one and I admit I’m curious to attend but I don’t think I can handle a replay of the nasty. When the 38-year-old you looks back at your 18-year-old self, I’m sure you see the growth and maturation you’ve achieved. A lot can happen in twenty years- you’re proof of that and chances your classmates are proof of that too. If you give them a chance, I’m sure they will be civil- at the very least. If you give them a ch

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