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My partner never wants to go out and with Valentine’s approaching I’d like to do a night on the town. How do I convince him to put down the remote and put on the dancing shoes?

If you’re having a hard time motivating him to be less of a sluggish homebody and more of a social hero, you might want to try getting him out on a night that’s not crazy crowded because of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you should suggest it, let him balk at the idea and then agree with him… followed by a “You’re right… it will be a zoo... instead we’ll go out the following weekend! Great idea!” Do something nice for him at home on Valentine’s Day and make those reservations out for the 21st!

I have a co-worker who’s an a##hole. He’s tried several things to make himself look better at my expense and at the expense of others on the team. One day I was on an app and I saw his pic and profile looking for some gay side action (he’s married to a woman). Would it be horrible of me to out him at work (I took screen shots of his profile, which is now faceless).

It would be worse than horrible. Yes, he’s a douche at work, and obviously he’s an ass at home unless he and his wife have an “arrangement”. Outing him in the office might make him look bad but it makes you even worse for stooping to that extreme. File that tidbit in the back… WAY back of your mind and continue to do your best to be the best at work. Guys who are jerks in the office eventually get theirs- you don’t need to be the one to serve it. Eventually he will be living his karma, and by not being the outer you’ll enjoy living yours.

2020 is a month old and I’ve already shot my resolution to hell. I hate going to the gym and I’ve only been three times. What can I do to find some joy in this fitness thing?

Two things… one is to consider the big picture and visualize the results of sticking to a consistent workout. Motivation can be found in thinking of how you’ll feel and how you’ll look. Second, try out a bunch of workouts and find one that suits you. In three visits I doubt you’ve tried everything, so keep trying new things and meeting new people… you might find a reason to embrace fitness,.

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