Beating the Clock

The problem I have with dating is time. I have a busy schedule with work and other obligations and scheduling a date is always a problem because they also have obligations. It’s all about priorities and time management. If you truly want to pursue a relationship then you’ve got to make dating a priority. Developing a relationship- if that’s what you truly want- must be important enough to you that making the dedication of time comes as second nature. Use your time management skills to make yourself available to someone else, even if it means saying no to a potential obligation that’s lower on the totem pole of importance. Once you make the choice to give time to dating, as you would giv

Judgement Dating

I’m a single, successful professional guy and I meet a lot of men online. The initial conversation goes great until I’m asked what I do for a living. As soon as I tell them, they tend to vanish. Why are guys so judgy? Assuming that you’re response to the career question isn’t human trafficker or drug king pin, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Unfortunately it seems like you’re swimming in the shallow end of the dating pool. If a man can’t handle someone's career choice, then chances are these shallow guys aren’t equipped to handle the other great aspects you bring to the table. Keep swimming, and you’ll land a guy that accepts all aspects of you and is capable of keeping up in the l

Just Ask

I recently had a couple really good first dates and nothing ever seems to come of it. My dates seem to like me and they say that they’d like to see me again, but I hear nothing back from them. What am I doing wrong? It’s not that you’re doing something wrong… maybe it’s what you’re not doing. Are you waiting for them to ask for the second date? If you really want to see them again, then you should do the asking. There’s nothing wrong with a “Hey- I was thinking about going to a wine tasting… want to come?” or “I’ve got an extra ticket to this show and I was thinking of you- want to come?”. Don’t be afraid of asking- taking a risk is way more unsettling than not knowing. Regardless of

Getting Social

I have a friend who started dating someone a couple months ago, and a month ago he plastered all over Facebook that he’s in a relationship. Sometime between Christmas and New Years they broke up. Now his page is a diatribe of sadness and I find it all unsettling. Yeah… a couple months into a new relationship is probably not the best time to shout it from the social media rooftops. As ecstatic as we can be with a new love, it’s important not to lose your head over it on social media. It’s fine to post pictures of new love’s adventures, but it’s best to leave your followers wondering and save the relationship status change for later. Over the holidays I was on Facebook and noticing posts f

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