Weight, Hate and a Boarding Gate

I go to the gym regularly, and my partner doesn’t. He’s put on a few pounds- my guess is over 25. How do I get him to do something about the weight gain, like joining me at the gym? 25 pounds is more than a few, and I’m sure if he’s gained over 25 he’s well aware of it. If he’s happy with where he is physically, you should consider accepting that. If his weight gain has the opposite affect on you, you need to have an honest dialogue about it. Open and honest communication is the answer, not a date in spin class. Really listen to his point of view and respond with love and respect. If your conversation take-away is that he wants to do something about the weight gain, you’ve just been gi

I Do and I Take It Back

I’m going to a wedding next month, and I’m very excited for my friend and his partner. What I’m not excited about is seeing my Ex, who will also be attending. I haven’t seen him in over a year and I’m not sure how it will go or how I will feel. Mazel to your friends! Weddings are always fun when they’re about the happy couple and not the side drama created by attendees. Two things to keep in mind: don’t borrow trouble and bring a great Plus One. Don’t create a self-fulfilling prophecy that there will be Ex drama now just because there was most likely drama then. Your Ex is probably as apprehensive as you about the encounter, so just relax, say hello with a smile and move on. If your Ex

Blame, Excuses and Forgiveness

I dumped my boyfriend after I found out he was cheating. He put up no fight whatsoever, and blamed me for his actions. Now I’m second-guessing everything I’ve done in the relationship, not to mention my skills in bed. Please don’t do that- you weren’t part of your Ex’s decision to cheat. If there were problems in your relationship, he didn’t give you the respect of discussing it and trying to resolve the issue. He took the selfish way out, doing what made him feel better about himself with no regard to your feelings. You simply didn’t factor into his decision so there’s zero reason to point the finger of blame at yourself. My boyfriend cheated, and he feels badly about it. He says it ha

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