Water Coolers and Fix-Ups

After a year of dating and meeting a lot of guys that aren’t a right fit, I finally met someone that I really, really like. I really want to date him and he feels the same, but there’s one big problem… we work together. How do you handle dating someone from the office? This is a tough one because most likely you’re starting a potential relationship with a secret and secrets are just not good things in any relationship. There’s no denying attraction and after a lot of so-so dates it’s hard if not impossible to deny yourself the chance to see where this could go, but there are a few things to really keep in mind… If one of you is below the other on the organizational chart, there could be a

Cold Shoulders and Suitcases

I’ve been dating a great guy for three months and we’ve started to introduce each other to our friends. His friends have been welcoming and super nice. Mine have been the same except for two of my oldest friends. I know my boyfriend feels their cold shoulder treatment and it really upsets me. The sad reality is that not every friend is going to like the new person in our lives. Considering that these are old friends with whom you’ve invested much time and emotion, you should have a one-on-one conversation with them. Tell them that you sense they don’t like your new love, and ask them why. Listen to their feedback and respond accordingly. Kindly remind them that their friendship is ver

Beds, Texts and Choices

This is the first time I’ve been single since the 90s and it seems the pattern of dating has reversed. Does everyone sleep with someone first then have a “conventional” date if the sex was great? Sometimes it can seem like hopping in bed at first sight is the new normal in dating, and for some this game plan works. Swiping right at 3pm doesn’t mean you have to strip down with a hot stranger by 6. If your dating blueprint begins with coffee and conversation than stick to the formula that works for you. If you find that your prospective dates prefer hitting the sheets instead of taking sips of a beverage, perhaps you should consider trying another app or dating site. This week I’ve received

Moving on Up and Moving on Out

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year and we’re thinking it’s time to combine households. We’re excited about taking our relationship to the next level, but it’s a little scary too. What’s your advice on moving in together? You’re right about it being a little scary, but you can minimize the fright by going into this new venture with eyes open and all the Ts crossed. Make sure you have a solid game plan for the business side of cohabitation, specifically the financial end of it. Ask yourselves how the monthly expenses will look, plan accordingly (and include contingencies too for the rainy days that are destined to happen) and stick to the playbook you create. The other

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