Knock Knock...

I received a voicemail from my Ex. I was rather shocked since I haven’t spoken with him in over ten years. He sounded frazzled and said that he’s in a bad financial situation and needs my help. Not sure how to respond, or if I should respond. Getting a call requesting financial help after not hearing a “Hi, how are you?” or “How was your holiday?” in over ten years… either your Ex is very stupid or exceptionally desperate. Regardless of your willingness and ability to help, you should ask yourself if you really want to open the door and have your Ex back in your life- even briefly enough to write him a check. I would take the money out of the equation and base your decision on that and

Cheaters and Confrontations

Last week you answered a question about faceless profiles on apps, and how maybe on reason is they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be. That reason fits my partner. I looked over his shoulder and saw him using an app. We don’t have an open relationship and I had no idea he was looking elsewhere. How do I confront him with this? Confrontation is hard, but not knowing is harder and sometimes what you learn is the hardest of all. Confrontation shouldn’t be venomous; sticking to the facts and saving the emotional outburst for later is definitely the way to go. Ask the question, and really listen to his response before making commentary. Take as long as you want before responding- you don’t hav

About Face

What’s up with the guys I meet on Tinder?!? I get matches all the time but they never send a message. They seem to just collect matches and do nothing with them. If you point a finger at them questioning why they haven’t sent a message, you should remember that you have three fingers pointing back in your direction asking the same thing about you. Take charge and make the first move. If they don’t reply, simply unmatch and move on to the next. What’s the best way to handle a follow-up after a date where you just don’t feel a connection? Should I say something at the end of the date or should I wait until the next day when he’s not standing in front of me? If you’re confident that you don

Invitations and Insecurities

I was invited to a barbecue and I know my Ex will be there. We haven’t seen each other since the breakup, and I’m not sure how I feel about seeing him now. The best thing about a party invitation is that your response is an easy choice- accept or decline based on desire to go. If your desire is to spend some with friends, then you accept; if your desire not to see your Ex is greater, then you decline. I hope your desire to see friends is greater. Just say hello to the Ex and focus on the friends that are present. There will be plenty of friendly distractions; choose to take advantage of each and every one. Since my breakup I’m not getting invited to hang out with my friends that are cou

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