Holiday Beginnings. Holiday Endings.

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few months, and I know it’s the holidays but I really want to break up with him. We have plans for New Year’s Eve and I’d frankly rather stay home alone. Does it make me a bad guy for ending it at this time of the year? No, it just makes you the guy who ended a relationship. If you feel in your heart that this isn’t a match, it’s better to end it sooner than later. Disregard the season and do what’s best for you and him (he may not feel that way now, but eventually he will) and end it. Be ready for some emotional fallout, but if you truly want out it will be worth it. My daughter set me up on OK Cupid. I’m not sure I’m ready… help! Why aren’t you sure?

Three's Company, and Three's a Crowd

I feel like I’m in a throuple- my boyfriend, his iPhone and me. He never puts that thing down. How can I get him to break up with it? He needs to understand the importance of unplugging and connecting with you. It’s time for an honest conversation about how you’re missing that connection. Hopefully he’ll understand that connecting with you is way more fun than reading Facebook updates. Worse case scenario… if he doesn’t comply, ask if there’s something that’s keeping him from wanting to connect with you. The answer might not be what you want to hear, but the honest communication will at least take you to a place where you can begin to take action to fix the problem. My wife and I just

The Ghost of Relationships Past and the Ghost of Christmas Present

I’ve been single for over a year and I learned that my Ex (we were together for over 20 years) is marrying a 22-year-old guy from the DR. One of the things that led to our breakup was that he refused to get married when it was legalized. Mutual friends tell me it’s to keep the kid in the country, but some say they believe he loves him. I just can’t shake being upset about this. I suggest you get a pint of your favorite ice cream and binge watch 90-day Fiancée. After you’ve watched (once you start, you can’t stop) think about the percentages of happily ever afters. Here’s a hint… it’s low. Think of the percentages of raged-fueled drama. Here’s a hint… it’s high. Here’s another hint… it

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