Judgement Gay

My friend decided to date a couple, and after a few months of seeing each other it appears to have developed into a relationship. He’s even talking about moving in with them as this is what all three want. How can I talk him out of this? Let’s see… your friend is happy and you want to talk him out of pursuing it? Yeah… don’t do that. Just because his happiness doesn’t look the same as yours doesn’t mean his happiness is wrong. For some, being part of a Throuple is a road to happily ever after. Just because your roadmap differs doesn’t mean your judgement should lead to interrupting his journey. Be a good friend and offer positive confirmation of your support, not negative criticism of his ch

FOMO... Oh No!

My Ex’s family and I are still close and because of that I get invited to various family functions. My Ex and I are on OK terms, but he has a new boyfriend. He’s asked me not to come to family events anymore because it’s awkward for the new guy. What should I do- I really don’t want to miss out. It’s fine to be friends with your Ex’s family but perhaps you should re-think your level of involvement. I’m not suggesting you cut them from your life, but maybe it’s time for a little less attachment with them and a little more participation with your new boyfriend’s family instead. If there’s no new boyfriend perhaps your time would be better served putting yourself out there in the dating world.

Pick Pic Pick

My fiancee and I have been together for two years and overall it’s been an amazing relationship. Lately he seems to pick on everything that I do- from my choice to go to the gym to buying a new shirt. Nothing I do is right and he’s not holding back in sharing his opinion. How do I get my old, non-picky boyfriend back? Sounds like a conversation is in order, and you should calmly commence it when he’s in the act of picking. Simply ask, “You know, this never bothered you before we got engaged… what gives?”. Get the dialogue started and let him explain why certain things you do seem to be problematic. Open communication may not get your old boyfriend back, but it might just get you an amazi

Welcome Back, Dater!

My online dating life has plummeted since the beginning of Covid-19. I’ve talked to a lot of guys but nobody wants to get together. Living through a global pandemic can be a pain in the ass, as we all know. The silver lining is that all good things come to those who wait. Good things also come to those who are smart. A first date brings its own share of nerves and you really don’t want the first meetup to include one more thing to bring about worry. Hang tight, keep chatting with potential dates and be confident that you’ll be back to in-person dating in no time. I’m re-entering the dating scene and everyone it telling me to go online. I’ve never done that before- is that my only options

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