Dodging the Bait

I met a guy online and the conversations were amazing. He made it clear that he, like me, was looking for a serious relationship. Our first date was epic until the end. After a lengthy goodnight kiss he obviously wanted to come back to my place. I put the breaks on that, not wanting to rush things and he seemed fine with that. The result? The guy is MIA- no return texts or calls. Seeing that he’s gone radio silent, my guess is that he wasn’t fine with that. If you’re being iced out, it sends a message that perhaps hooking up on a first date might be more important to him than developing a relationship. Sometimes people say the words that want to be heard in order to achieve their des

Oh, Baby!

I’ve been reading about people over 50 hiring surrogates or adopting. As a gay man, I’ve never been in the position to have a child even though it’s something I’ve always wanted. Financially and emotionally surrogacy is something I can do, but I’m worried that I’m too old. How old is too old to become a parent? We know parenting doesn’t come with height restrictions, weight restrictions and thanks to some TV shows we know that some become parents while they’re still being parented. There’s really no age restriction regarding parenthood. The only restrictions are those that we place on ourselves, and those restrictions come in the form of priorities. As someone over 50, if your prioriti

Invitations and Infuriations

A friend of mine is getting married this spring and I received an invitation. I expected it, but I didn’t expect not seeing the words “and guest”. I mentioned it to my friend and he said, “You can’t even get a date, so why waste a spot.” How should I respond? Seems to me their wedding day would be the perfect day to schedule a dental appointment or perhaps some elective surgery. Could also be a perfect day to give your dog a bath. In other words, check the box that says “won’t be attending” and wish them the best. Your friend’s unkind words make it difficult to deliver in-person support to their happy ending when obviously and sadly your friend isn’t supporting yours. Another Valentine

Reflection, Resolution and Relocation

My husband and I have been together for ten years, and I want to do something extra special this Valentine’s Day. What do you think is the most heartfelt gift I can give? Easy- find a picture of the two of you from early in your relationship, print it in black and white and frame it. Then purchase some really nice stationery and write an old-fashioned love letter. Cover your feelings from when the picture was taken to the road that’s brought you to today. Something as simple as a handwritten letter is sentimental, thoughtful and very romantic. It’s a one of a kind gift and I’m sure your spouse will cherish it. We’re a month into 2019 and I’ve already fu##ed up my New Year’s resolutions.

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