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In for Questioning

If there’s one question I should ask a date who I’m totally into but need more information, what would that question be?

It’s difficult to choose just one because all questions are important and getting to know a potential partner is super important. If I could only ask one, it would be something like this…

“Here’s one for you… your current best friend, one of your high school teachers and your Ex walk into a bar. What do each have to say about you?”

Lighthearted in delivery, but a catalyst to gain some important knowledge.

My fiancee and I have been dating for over a year before our engagement. In spite of meeting most of my friends and family, they still have questions about him. They want to do a background check… isn’t that just a bit extreme?

At this point your knowledge and trust in him outweighs doubt and uncertainty- totally normal and appropriate. Chances are you’re right to trust your fiancée, but there’s nothing wrong with a double-check. Let your friend/family member do their thing, most likely proving your beliefs correct.

My girlfriend asks a lot of questions… like nobody I’ve ever dated before. I know she had a rough go with her Ex but the interrogations are non-stop. How do I handle it?

You handle it by answering her questions with honest enthusiasm. Obviously she’s serious about you to care enough to ask questions; embrace her interest and put it all out there; it will be worth it.

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