Judgement Date

I’ve been noticing a theme with a lot of online dating profiles, and I don’t like it. Many of the singles are being very specific in telling potential dates to “swipe left” if they have certain beliefs or attributes differing from theirs. From “no smokers” to “no Republicans”, these people are already drawing lines in the sand and doing so in a bitchy way. As a non-smoking Democrat I don’t want to date them just because of their judgment and one-sidedness. Someone’s laundry list of No isn’t very sexy and it makes you question how they handle anyone who deviates from their likes and beliefs. Stating non-negotiables straight out the gate can certainly bring about a negative first impressio

Eyes Swelled Shut

My girlfriend is angry because I refuse to sleep over at her place. The reason is a good one- I’m highly allergic to her cats. Within minutes of putting my head on a pillow I swell up. She thinks I should just get a shot or take a stronger allergy pill. Perhaps she’s right about the meds, but she should make a little effort as well. Doing a deep cleaning of her bedroom followed by diligently denying her cats access would be a good move. Of course her cats won’t like that, but perhaps over time they’ll get use to it. If your relationship progression leads to cohabitation you’ve got to figure out a workable solution so everyone can co-exist under one roof… start the problem solving now.

Her Ex-Husband’s Boyfriend

I’m a divorced mother of two teenagers and have been single for three years. My divorce was relatively painless compared to most. He didn’t abuse me or cheat on me- he just honestly came out. I get it, and even though it was a rug pulled from under me, I’d rather know and rather my children have an honest father. Through it all, we co-parent like rock stars and we’re good friends. I’ve met his boyfriend and I really like him and have zero concerns about him being around my kids. The problem? My friends think I’m insane. They think my reactions and acceptance is wrong. Guess it’s a good thing your Ex married you and not one of your friends, right? Of course your friends are concerned

Wedding Bell Greys

My fiancée and I are planning our wedding and although we’re having a lot of fun with it there’s a cloud over the event. His parents don’t accept that he’s gay, certainly don’t accept me and don’t support same-sex marriage. We’re 90% sure they won’t attend, and I know it kills my other half. What can I do? Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! It sounds like you’re doing everything you can do, which is creating an event that’s perfect for the two of you. The day is about your future as a legally committed couple surrounded by well-wishers who support that journey. It would be great it his parents attend but if they don’t it doesn’t diminish the fact that you two found each other, bu

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