Remember, Forget

My husband sucks at remembering things, be it plans we made or to pick something up on his way home from work. What really makes me angry is that he never remembers our anniversary. Of all the things to forget, that one really angers me. How do I get him to remember? Well… you really can’t. You could try to set up his Smartphone with reminders or speak with his assistant on the DL and ask them to add reminders of specific dates to his calendar. Or you could remember that he forgets everything and not just your anniversary… it’s not a personal affront to your relationship. It might be easier to just remember that his forgetfulness is part of his overall charm and gently remind him a few

Should I Say or Should I Go?

I’m very concerned for one of my closest and oldest friends and I’m feeling paralyzed when it comes to helping her. She’s married to a very controlling guy and I can see how he’s treating her and forcing her into isolation. I’ve asked her if everything is ok, and she says it is but her tone and attitude says differently. I feel she’s pulling away from the friendship making it even harder to be there for her. I’m totally at a loss and frankly heartbroken for her. It’s paralyzing because your friend isn’t opening a window for immediate help and that’s not reflective of your willingness and desire to lend a hand. When your friend is ready… IF your friend is ever ready, you’ll be prepared t

September Mourn

My husband always gets depressed at the end of the summer and I don’t want to see him suffer another September. What’s the best way to get him over the end of summer blues. You can cure the blues with a little early red and green. Considering you’re trying to cure his depression let Christmas come early and give him the gift of a winter getaway to a sunny spot. It will give him something to look forward to as well and hopefully distract him from the change of seasons at home. I had one of those fantastic summer love affairs that’s coming to an end even though we both don’t want it to. He was here for a summer program at a local university and he has to return to his home in the UK. In t


I’ve been in the dating scene for a couple years and I’m still single. A lot of the guys who ask me out are really into me but I don’t return the sentiment. Am I just being picky or am I dating the wrong guys just because they asked me out? Yes and yes, but it’s totally fixable if you want to remedy the situation. Just because someone asks you out doesn’t mean you have to say yes. There are many things that make potential dates attractive to us and conversely there are many things that render them not a match. Dating smartly as opposed to being the boy who can’t say no will increase your chances of finding the right one. Nothing good happens when you try to fit a square peg into a roun

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