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I’m in my late 20’s and I like being single. My priorities are more aligned with my career than building a relationship. Someday there’ll be a shift and I’ll want to pursue love but in the meantime I’m constantly being bugged about not having a boyfriend. How do I make that stop?

The bad news is that you can’t stop receiving the boyfriend question, but the good news is that you’re not letting the commentary of others dissuade your eye from the prize. The GREAT news is that when you’re ready to pursue a relationship you’re going to be quite the catch! You already experienced goal setting and determination- you’re going to make someone a fantastic partner when the time is right!

I’m in a relationship that pretty much sucks. I’ve worked hard to fix it but I’m the only one working at it and it’s exhausting. The problem is that I keep thinking that maybe one more day is all it will take and that day hasn’t arrived. When is the right time to cut the loss and move on?

There always comes a time in every relationship where one does the heavy lifting because the other simply can’t. It should be an ebb and flow/no score card needed thing. When you can see that the flow is always on you and your partner shows zero interest in picking up a paddle, that’s the time to consider jumping out of the boat.

Perhaps it’s time to place all those “we” efforts onto “me”. Don’t be afraid to swim.

I’m a youthful 60-something widower and have been on my own for five years. People keep trying to set me up, and I really don’t want another relationship. How can I let them down easy?

When the Yentas are doing their magic remind them that you’re only open to friendship. Either they will get frustrated and stop or you’re going to make some really great new friends!

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