Keeps on Ticking

I’ve been single for six months and my friends are hammering me to get out there and date again. I’m not sure I’m ready to put myself out there, mainly because I’m not over my Ex. How can I get them off my back? Bravely them the truth- you’re not ready to go there just yet…. and repeat if necessary. It’s difficult to fault their intention because they simply want you to be happy, but being happy means being ready for it. You’re exceptionally wise for not jumping into the pool until you’re ready to swim; it’s the responsible choice for both you and your potential dates. Let the time tick away as long as you need it to and when you’re ready, dive in with a big splash! “When are you guys hav

Who's on First?

I’ve been dating a divorced guy with kids. Even though he shares custody with his Ex, he will cut dates short or blow them off entirely because something comes up with the kids. He’s made it clear that being a father is his top priority but that he really wants a relationship with me. I don’t know if I can handle second place. Did he actually say that you’re in second place or are you casting yourself in that role? What you have to understand and more importantly embrace is that he comes as a package deal. The kids will always be his kids- even when they’re out of school and on their own. They’re going nowhere- and you have to be on board with that and not view yourself as “second”. Obvio

Social Distance Insistances

My husband and I went to what we thought was going to be an intimate gathering of friends. When we got there, we discovered fifty- some people all without masks and not distancing. We know most of them but still… no masks and no distancing. We stayed less than 15 minutes and bolted, and now the hosts are pissed at us for not staying and being part of the fun. If you stayed and partied everything could have been fine… or perhaps not. You and your husband decided not to roll the dice and there’s nothing wrong with that- it’s simply your choice. You have to do what’s comfortable for you and the hosts should understand that. They can appreciate your viewpoint and move on… or perhaps not. Re

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