Yours, Mine and Ours

I just found out that my Ex has been dating my friend for the last six months. During the time I’ve seen my friend and not a word has been said. What should I do? As difficult as it might be, I would do nothing except rejoice in the fact that two people who obviously deserve each other have found each other. Silently wish them luck and move on from both. You’re better served by not confronting the “friend” because any way you cut it it will be a negative experience. Instead put yourself in a positive space by focusing on yourself, your future and the great friends you have. My boyfriend told me that a mutual friend hit on him. He was very upfront about it and told me his response (whi

Parental Guidance

I just met my boyfriend’s parents and now he’s pressuring to meet mine. His parents were nothing short of amazing, and I know mine will not leave him feeling the same way. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s just that they haven’t fully accepted that I’m gay and I’m not sure their reaction to meeting him will be positive and welcoming. Have you explained this situation to your boyfriend? If not, you need to ASAP, and if you have you need to reiterate it, making sure he realizes that a parental meeting (or lack thereof) isn’t about him; it’s about your parents’ treatment of him. You’re wise to proceed with caution; it tells me how your priority is to protect him from an uncomfortable s

Second Time Around?

It’s been three years since my breakup and I’m single and dating. I ran into my Ex in a bar and now he’s leaving me messages asking me to get together because he’d like to try again. I’ll always have a soft spot for him… should I consider a reconciliation? Sinatra sang that love is lovelier the second time around, but the lyrics leave out the drama that led to the first breakup. Only you can determine if you’re in a place where you can learn from the past, leave the past behind and move forward in a positive and healthy way with your Ex. Resolution can happen and people can change if they learned from their mistakes. If you both have achieved that enlightened education, then having a Ro

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