A Whole Lotta Firsts

I’ve had a lot of first dates and I just haven’t felt spark. I’ve felt a little spark with a few so I asked for a second date, which resulted in no spark. What am I doing wrong? What you’re doing wrong is feeling defeated because you haven’t felt a spark. What you’re doing right is not trying to force a spark when the woodpile is soaking wet. But the most correct thing you’re doing is continuing to put yourself out there until you find that spark. Dating is a numbers game- the more you meet new people, the greater the chance of finding that elusive spark. It’s very easy to feel discouraged, but you simply can’t give into that. Try adopting NASA’s mantra- Failure is Not an Option- and

Two Pointed Conversions

I met a guy on an app and we’ve been hooking up almost weekly for the last couple months. Needless to say the sex is great, but I genuinely like him. I would like to see if this FWB situation could turn into something more but whenever I suggest getting together for dinner or doing something outside of the bedroom he gets an attitude. Converting it from the sheets to the streets so to speak is going to be an almost impossible challenge. The rules of the game have been set- you meet, you’re friendly, you have great sex and you leave. It would take both players’ consent to change the rules, and it seems like he’s happy with the game as is. All you can do is accept it for what it is and en

Age Old Questions

For a few months I’ve been dating an incredible woman and I can honestly say this is by far the best and healthiest relationship I’ve ever had. The problem is that I’ve kept her a secret from my friends and family because of our age difference. She’s 18 years older than me, and I’m afraid of the negative reactions. You say that this is the best and healthiest relationship you’ve ever had, and it takes most people a lot of effort and bad dates to reach a point of saying those words. Isn’t that success worth celebrating? If you believe this woman is “the one”, isn’t it worth screaming it from rooftops? Let go of the fear and grab onto the future with this lady! Go public, and do so with

The Ins and Outs of EXcommunication

It seems that when relationships end people automatically cut all ties with their Ex, converting the love and respect to hate and indifference. I really don’t feel that way about my Ex- is it wrong to still have a friendship? As corny as it may sound, breakups are like snowflakes… no two are exactly the same. Same goes for the post-relationship “relationship” you have with your Ex. So much depends on how things went down leading to the breakup. If your Ex delivered damaging negativity before and during the breakup chances are that theme would most likely continue post-relationship, thus rendering him a not-go-great choice of a friend. Friends are supportive, sincere and kind, and if you

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