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Coming in 2021!

Love Lessons from a Slutty Family

If there was a class in high school teaching us how to love and how to relationship, I must have missed it and my guess is that you did too.  If  it wasn't part of the curriculum, how did we learn to love?  How did we learn to relationship? 


Maybe... just maybe.... we were born with it.

If the love gene is in our DNA, then the classroom is our family tree and the homework is getting to know those who came before us.   Love Lessons from a Slutty Family  will take you on a marvelous climb up a family tree with branches going back to 120AD.  From heartbreaks to happiness, their stories of love bring lessons sure to inspire the beating hearts of today.

Here are a few of my family tree discoveries... maybe some of them look familiar?  You're going to love getting to know them when you read Love Lessons from a Slutty Family!
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