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The 49th Challenge

When you think you’re in your forever relationship and the rug is unexpectedly pulled from under you, what do you do?


If you decide to move onward and upward… and you want to be SMART about it, you’re ready for the 49th Challenge.  Break-ups can happen when you’re 49 or at any age, but how you recover and reinvent speaks volumes about YOU and less about a number. 


Getting over heartbreak can be daunting, but not impossible.  Getting your life back on track without your Ex can be scary, but not unachievable.  Getting back into the dating scene can be discouraging, but certainly not hopeless.

Ready to acknowledge and accept the past?

Ready to discover the person you want to be and how to make it happen?

Ready to open your heart and your head to the prospect of a new love?

Ready to be single and smart?


You’re ready to for the 49th Challenge!

Click below to get your challenge started!




What readers are saying!

"This is such a great book! The author gives great advice, and adds such wonderful humor. He takes something that is so hard to deal with and really breaks down your steps back to a happy self
While this is about breakups, his advice can also be applied to relationships/friendships in general.  I highly recommend this book!" - Nicholas

"Craig's words ring so true! Gives me so much hope about going out again and not being scared to take on the challenge. The writing is exceptional and written as though I was speaking to my best friend about relationship issues." - Sandy

"Loved this book! It is perfect for anyone who just got out of a relationship and feels a little lost and scared to date again.
Craig's book is full of smart advice and smiles as he shares his own dating experiences.The 49th Challenge is a book about positively embracing the new and improved you when your life changes unexpectedly.  I mean, how could you NOT love this sentence from the book: "Faith and work... it's the new breakfast of this champion." - Tracey

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