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June Bug, Part Two

I really dislike my in-laws and I want to poke my eyes out whenever they come to visit. I want to “disappear” during their stay but my husband is totally against this. Help!

Spending time with your in-laws may be painful but the best thing to do is work through it knowing it’s a temporary thing. It’s a necessary chore for your husband’s sake; if you vanished it would put him in an awkward position- one that he most likely doesn’t deserve. Suck it up and just do it… and while you’re at it, try to find at least one redeemable thing about them- besides the fact they raised your husband. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find two things, making the next visit a little less tedious. Keep looking for positives and hopefully future visits will be easier.

How do you handle not liking your boyfriend’s friends?

Liking someone implies making the effort to build a friendship; you don’t have to go that deep with them if you genuinely don’t feel the like. Being civil, friendly and welcoming is the way to go because your boyfriend deserves it. If it were reversed, how would you feel if your boyfriend didn’t like your friends and he openly displayed that aversion? Bet you wouldn’t feel that great about it, so don’t do that to him.

I’m not a fan of cats and I just started dating a guy with two. He’s a really great man but I don’t think I can handle the felines.

Non-negotiables come in many forms, including the four-legged variety. Look at the guy’s great qualities and determine if they outweigh the fur-children. If they do then buy some cat toys and learn to appreciate the felines. If not, don’t be catty…let him down easy.

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