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I’ve been seeing this girl for a couple months and every time I take her out she grabs her bag and says, “Halfsies!”. It’s the most annoying sound and I’m a little bothered that she won’t let me treat her. Otherwise I like her- and she’s hot too. What should I do?

Next time when you ask her out, tell her how much you enjoy her company and that you really like and RESPECT her. Follow that with “..because you’re important to me it would be my honor to treat you tonight.” She should be impressed enough to agree. If not, the only way to know why she won’t let you treat her is to ask.

Who should pay for the date?

In today’s world, the payer should be the one who asked for the date. You planned it and picked the location, thus you’re responsible for the tab.

I’m been friends with this couple for many years, friends with both individually and as a couple. Now they’re going through a really nasty break-up and I feel like I’m in a position where I have to choose one and I don’t know how to do that.

Who’s putting you in this position- your friends or you? If it’s one of them, think long and hard about your response. Regardless of the situation it’s bad form when a friend demands you cut off another friend. Always best not to participate in that game; don’t allow someone to influence your friendships. If it’s you putting yourself in the middle, I suggest taking yourself out of that position and continue being a good friend to both. Being a good friend means that whatever one friend tells you- in confidence or not- isn’t fodder for your others... live by those words.

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