Two, Three or Not to Three

I’ve been in an exclusive relationship for four years and my partner suggested we consider bringing in a third for play. Our relationship is fantastic, but I admit our sex life is a little stale. Not sure how I feel about a three-way because I’ve never experienced one. There’s a lot to consider before bringing in a third for sex. If you’ve been exclusive for four years, how are you going to feel seeing your partner with another person? How will he feel seeing you with another person? If your sex life needs a spit and polish, there are other ways to do it besides bringing in a supporting player. Give this option serious thought and openly and honestly discuss the pros and cons with your

The Dating Circus

I’ve been in a dating slump for the last six months, and now it seems like my online profiles are on fire. My problem is that I’m now dating three different women and I’m feeling guilty and dishonest. I haven’t made any commitments to exclusivity, but I still feel like a bad person. Should a person with dating options feel badly about it? Absolutely not! There’s nothing wrong with going out with multiple people- you’re just in the discovery phase of the relationship hunt. As you get to know these “candidates”, you’ll determine which one has the potential for being the main attraction. Make your cuts accordingly and in time you’ll choose who gets top billing. Have fun and choose wisely

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