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Body Talk

I met a guy online and we really clicked. He’s very funny, a good conversationalist and his pictures were handsome. We met in person and he looked the same from the neck up but he was really overweight. He was still great to talk with but physically I’m not attracted to him whatsoever. How do I “friend zone” this man because I’d really like to have a friendship with him.

Rather than assuming that he fell for you at first sight, perhaps you should change your mindset to reflect that he wants to be just friends as well. Doing so takes you to a playing field that’s even and less assumptive. Ask him to hang out with you again, have fun and tell him that at this time you see potential in developing a great friendship with him. Hopefully he agrees and you’ve got a new bestie!

I’m single and turning 50 next month and I want to get into better shape. I’ve been going to the gym, so-so on nutrition and I’m not seeing a lot of results. What can I do to speed this up?

Sounds like it’s time to bring in the Big Guns- have you thought about hiring a Personal Trainer? It’s an investment worth making if you truly want to see results. Explain to him what you’ve been doing and he will guide you nutritionally from “so-so” to “so much better”! Best of luck- you’ve got this!

My husband wants us to go to a clothing optional resort where he’ll be out of his clothes the moment we check-in. He has zero body issues and confidence whereas I’m way more reserved with very little confidence in my nude self.

Personal growth happens when you push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone if not over that edge. Clothing optional sounds like it will be way out of your comfort zone… and it might just be a great challenge. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Unless you plan on frying a chicken or drinking hot coffee while bicycling nude, you’ll see that nothing bad is going to happen. Soak in a little of your husband’s confidence and go for it- might just be the best and liberating vacation you’ve ever had.

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