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Missing in Action

I met a guy online before Christmas and he chatted me up quite a bit. A couple weeks ago I suggested a second time that we get together and he vanished… no sight of him on the app or any other apps either. Why do people do this?

No way to know for sure why he’s MIA, however most pull the “Casper the Not-so-Friendly Ghosting” act because either they met someone and traded Tinder for The Knot or they simply weren’t forthright with their story. Either way, you should be happy… happy he met someone and happier that you dodged a dishonest bullet. Of course they didn’t handle the exit properly, but there’s not much you can really do with that… just move on and keep swiping!

Since the first of the year my desire to go to the gym as disappeared faster than a plate of cookies on my dining room table. I know summer is coming and I should care about looking good, but I simply don’t want to go. How do I get my workout mojo back?

Sounds like you need to switch up your workout routine. You might find that MIA motivation if you try a new class or a bootcamp or even a Personal Trainer… each will offer a different experience that might invigorate your desire to go to the gym. The other plus is that each require you to schedule it into your day because they all have definitive starting times. Like an appointment, if it’s scheduled you’re likely to go. Good luck!

I noticed that my Ex scrubbed me from his social media accounts. It’s as if in his mind our relationship never happened.

If your past relationship weren’t on his mind, would he have taken the time to scrub? I bet each and every pic can be found on his hard drive. The bigger question is “who cares?”. Move on and celebrate your single self- download a few selfies and make many new memories!

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