Break-ups, Fix-ups, and a Bad Taste in your Mouth

It’s been a few months since my breakup and I just can’t get over my Ex. I think of him constantly and I miss him terribly. I know getting back together isn’t an option (he ended it and it was ugly) but there’s a part of me hoping he comes to his senses and calls me. I’m sorry you’re suffering, and I’m sorry to say that there are many others in the same boat. The good news is that you can get off that boat and start sailing better seas on another- if you choose to do so. It’s important to remember that the man you’re missing isn’t the Ex you left. The guy you dated, spent holidays, and shared vacations with isn’t the same guy that ended your relationship. For whatever reason, he changed

Coming Out and Keeping In

I’m a divorced dad in my 40s and I’m petrified of coming out. To make it worse, I’m dating a great guy and I’m afraid I’m going to blow it because my fear is making him feel like a dirty little secret. Help! That’s a rough one, but you’ve got some great things going in your favor. You ended your past relationship before beginning your current one, showing courage, character and respect for your Ex. That’s a strong and positive message to send your children. Another thing in your favor is that kids are exceptionally accepting of parents coming out. Yet another thing in your favor is the Internet. I would search for an online support group or perhaps one in your area and speak with othe

Stop Signs and Green Lights

I’ve developed a friendship with my Tinder match. We hang out almost once a week and text all the time. He’s a hot guy that’s turned into a good friend. The problem is that I would like to take it from friends to dating and I’m not sure how to do that without risking the friendship. I’d be very happy just being good friends, but am open to exploring more. Remember that you both swiped right, so obviously there’s an attraction. Since you’re already friends, do what friends do and have a friendly conversation. Make it clear that you really value the friendship and that you value him with or without taking it to the next level. What’s supposed to happen will happen. My boyfriend and I ha

Mindsets and MasterCards

Valentine’s Day is a yearly reminder that I’m single, frustrated and just can’t seem to find the right kind of guy to love. I don’t see this love thing happening for me- no matter how much I want it. Valentine’s Day is about all sorts of love. Since you don’t have romantic love this year, focus on the other things you love and love you back. I’m sure there’s a lot of love there, and make that love your spotlight for the day. As for not seeing romantic love in your future, take some time to really think about your current strategy on how you’re trying to find it. Sometimes the road map needs to be tweaked to reach the desired destination. Try changing up your plan of attack and get back

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