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Like with a Side of Not

I’ve been in a relationship for almost a year and it’s really special to me. He’s beyond fantastic and I really see this thing of ours being long term. The problem is that I don’t like his friends… not one of them. I really tried to find something redeemable about them, but I simply can’t.

Have you tried looking at them through your boyfriend’s eyes? You say your guy is beyond fantastic… but you’re saying he has questionable taste in friendships? It doesn’t jive… there must be something redeemable about them and you’re not seeing it. Keep looking. In the meantime, try talking to your boyfriend about why you’re not feeling the like because he might be the looking-glass to seeing their best qualities.

My dog liked my Ex, but so far he hasn’t taken to anyone I’ve dated. How can I get my dog to like my date?

Besides making your date wear a necklace decorated with dog treats, there’s not much you can do because your dog will make up his own mind, Some say that “dogs know”, and go with that theory, and others know that any human/pet bonding takes some effort and time, If your dog is given an opportunity to spend time with your date and your date is truly interested in making friends with your canine, the relationship will happen and you’ll see the “like”.

There are times when I look at my boyfriend and I think, “The sex is great, but I just don’t like you.” I’ve never had a relationship like this.

Liking someone is rather important if you want your relationship to have legs. Are there times when you do like him? Do you have things in common (besides great sex)? If not, perhaps what you have is more of a sex thing and less of a long term relationship thing.. and that’s ok as long as you’re upfront with your feelings and expectations.

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