Surprises and Sabotage

I want to throw a birthday party for my husband, but he’s not into celebrating his birthday and he really hates being surprised. It’s a big one this year and it really needs to be celebrated, and he deserves every accolade. One of the best accolades you can give him is to host a birthday celebration he would actually like. If he’s not into surprise parties, don’t throw one. A small dinner with friends or even a few small dinners might be the ticket. Just because some might consider your celebration low key, it will hit the perfect note with him and you’ll be a rock star for giving him something he truly wants. I’m really trying to lose weight, and it seems like my other half is trying to

Games People Play

Games People Play I’ve met several guys online, and after a week or so of texting I’ll suggest we get together. At that point, they vanish. Why does this happen? It most likely has nothing to do with you but is symptomatic of whatever their motivation is regarding online dating. Maybe they’re looking to score a texting relationship or maybe they’re just testing the waters of attracting dates just to see if they can do it before ending the relationship they’re in. Many are only comfortable behind a keyboard as opposed to a face-to-face encounter. Their reason doesn’t change the fact that you’re not going on a real date with type of this person. It’s best to move on to the next with the

Springing Forward, Falling Back

I have a friend who after a few years of being single reconnected with his Ex. He admitted to me that they’re dating and on the road to getting back together. Considering how bad their breakup was, I’m very nervous for my friend and I don’t think this is the best idea at all. How do I tell him this is an outrageous mistake? As hard as this may be to read, the answer is that you don’t. The key is finding out why your friend thinks this is the best idea and not an outrageous mistake. You should ask why and in doing so really did deep. Tell your friend that you remember the breakup, but you really remember what he went through afterward and you only want the best for his future. Listen t

Smokin' Hot

A met a guy on an app, and he appears to be super interested in me. Of course I’m interested, but I’m really surprised he’s interested in me because he’s incredibly hot and I’m more on the chubby side. I feel like I’m being punked in spite of the fact he seems really sincere and wants to meet. Sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the ride and not question what’s driving the situation. If you have things in common and the conversation flows like a river, then it makes total sense you’d go on a date. If you appreciate each other’s look, then there’s no reason to question it and it makes sense you’d go on a date. From my perspective, this seems like two guys who swiped right and actually talk

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