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Judgement Dating

I’m a single, successful professional guy and I meet a lot of men online. The initial conversation goes great until I’m asked what I do for a living. As soon as I tell them, they tend to vanish. Why are guys so judgy?

Assuming that you’re response to the career question isn’t human trafficker or drug king pin, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Unfortunately it seems like you’re swimming in the shallow end of the dating pool. If a man can’t handle someone's career choice, then chances are these shallow guys aren’t equipped to handle the other great aspects you bring to the table. Keep swimming, and you’ll land a guy that accepts all aspects of you and is capable of keeping up in the lap lane.

My dating profile doesn’t hide the fact that I’m a single parent of two. I get a fair amount of hits, but it seems whenever I make the first move they either don’t respond or respond with “I don’t date dads”.

You should be very thankful for that upfront honesty, even with the no response responses. The absolute last thing you need in your life it to get involved with someone and learning after the fact they’re uninterested in children. As a single parent of two, you’re essentially dating for three… the man you eventually fall for must have a big enough heart for you and your kids. Eliminating the ones who don’t gets you quicker to the one who does.

I met my boyfriend on Grindr, and I’m embarrassed to admit that to friends and family. How should I handle the “How did you meet?” question?

You could say that you both simultaneously spotted a group of Nuns in a bus on fire and after you rescued them you grabbed a coffee, or you simply own the truth. My vote is own it- way easier and totally acceptable.

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