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Beating the Clock

The problem I have with dating is time. I have a busy schedule with work and other obligations and scheduling a date is always a problem because they also have obligations.

It’s all about priorities and time management. If you truly want to pursue a relationship then you’ve got to make dating a priority. Developing a relationship- if that’s what you truly want- must be important enough to you that making the dedication of time comes as second nature. Use your time management skills to make yourself available to someone else, even if it means saying no to a potential obligation that’s lower on the totem pole of importance. Once you make the choice to give time to dating, as you would give time to a relationship, the key is finding a match with the same mindset. Once you do, working each other into your schedules will be easier than you think.

My boyfriend is a college basketball fan and all he wants to do is watch hoops. If I suggest doing something that interferes with a game he refuses. It’s driving me a little crazy and I don’t think I can tolerate this until March Madness is over.

Dating a fan can be tedious during the season but the good news is that there are more days during the week where his team is not playing, allowing for time spent with you. If there’s an event that’s important to you that coincides with a game, he needs to realize the importance and compromise. That said, when the game is an important one so should you, knowing that there are plenty of days in the week for a non-hoops date.

My girlfriend is always running late. Be it a movie or dinner, I can count on waiting at least 20 minutes. I’ve tried talking to her about it but she laughs it off.

When did you talk about it? Having the conversation in the moment is not a great idea because your emotions will be at a 10 instead of a serious 4. The conversation needs to happen before the behavior is exhibited, not during. Be serious and honest, and hopefully she complies. If not, you have to weigh the importance of tardiness in the big picture of your relationship and make hard decisions accordingly.

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