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I have a friend who started dating someone a couple months ago, and a month ago he plastered all over Facebook that he’s in a relationship. Sometime between Christmas and New Years they broke up. Now his page is a diatribe of sadness and I find it all unsettling.

Yeah… a couple months into a new relationship is probably not the best time to shout it from the social media rooftops. As ecstatic as we can be with a new love, it’s important not to lose your head over it on social media. It’s fine to post pictures of new love’s adventures, but it’s best to leave your followers wondering and save the relationship status change for later.

Over the holidays I was on Facebook and noticing posts from people who aren’t really friends anymore. Some are just acquaintances and a few are people I really don’t even like. Un-friending just seems so bitchy.

When it comes to Facebook you have three choices- block the feed, cut the cord or suck it up. Blocking the feed is the least invasive, allowing you to keep the tie in case your opinion about them ever changes or you want to avoid an awkward moment when you see them socially. Cutting the cord is perfect if you’ve reached a point where your lack of interest is equal to your lack of caring about their opinion. Sucking it up and scrolling down is also an option, however not a good one if you really don’t want to know their thoughts and activities. Whichever choice you make, remember that it’s your social media feed; making changes to what is yours isn’t bitchy.

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