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FOMO... Oh No!

My Ex’s family and I are still close and because of that I get invited to various family functions. My Ex and I are on OK terms, but he has a new boyfriend. He’s asked me not to come to family events anymore because it’s awkward for the new guy. What should I do- I really don’t want to miss out.

It’s fine to be friends with your Ex’s family but perhaps you should re-think your level of involvement. I’m not suggesting you cut them from your life, but maybe it’s time for a little less attachment with them and a little more participation with your new boyfriend’s family instead. If there’s no new boyfriend perhaps your time would be better served putting yourself out there in the dating world. Don’t let the “fear of missing out” keep you from the most important FOMO- “fun of moving on”.

The hardest part of dealing with my breakup has been letting go of the could have been. The future we planned isn’t going to happen and I feel so sad about that. I don’t want to be sad anymore but I just can’t kick this.

That part of the breakup is the hardest to overcome- at least it was for me. A change of perspective may help. You’ve already mourned the could have been, which is necessary to move forward. Now try focusing on the "now can be". You might not realize it but you’re on a launching pad ready to take off to any destination you desire. What does that future look like? What are the possibilities ahead for you that you’ve never even considered? The future you had planned may actually pale in comparison to the future you create. When you create, the sadness is replaced with excitement- give it a try and see what happens!

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