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My fiancee and I have been together for two years and overall it’s been an amazing relationship. Lately he seems to pick on everything that I do- from my choice to go to the gym to buying a new shirt. Nothing I do is right and he’s not holding back in sharing his opinion. How do I get my old, non-picky boyfriend back?

Sounds like a conversation is in order, and you should calmly commence it when he’s in the act of picking. Simply ask, “You know, this never bothered you before we got engaged… what gives?”. Get the dialogue started and let him explain why certain things you do seem to be problematic. Open communication may not get your old boyfriend back, but it might just get you an amazing fiancee and even better husband.

Every time I start chatting with a guy online, he asks for a dick pic. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my dick- I just feel icky taking a picture and sending it out. Not sending one has cost me a few opportunities- am I too much of a prude?

I’m not sure which online tool your using… are you attempting to source dates or hookups? If it’s dates, then you’re losing nothing in these missed opportunities. If all they want to see is your dick, they’re probably more interested in a hookup than a husband. If you’re trying to hook up, then you can either bite the bullet and snap a selfie or google “dick pic” and choose a stunt double. If you choose a stunt double be sure to pick one majestic enough to gain attention but not as great as the real thing. If you choose the former, remember that it’s just a dick pic… it doesn’t include your face nor your resume. You're looking to hook up and in the big picture a dick pick isn't really major.

My Ex is a douche and he shared some “adult” pics of me with his friends. I’m so embarrassed- how do I stop him?

You can’t stop him, but you can sure stop beating yourself up about it. You’re in great company with many others who have pics and videos out there that aren’t produced by Disney. Hold your head up high and remember that all he’s got left is a few pics of what he’ll never have again.

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