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Ghost Busting

I’m dating a really great guy with a really big problem. He’s still carrying some baggage from his last relationship and a lot of it is projected on me. If I’m late because a meeting went over, he thinks I’m cheating. I realize it’s a trust issue and it takes time to earn trust but I want to do what it takes to reassure him and have his trust.

The misdeeds of the Ghosts of Relationships Past are sometimes difficult to exorcise. You express the desire to earn his trust, and that says a lot about you and how much you care for this guy. When he realizes that the actions of the past have no play on the behavior of the now, he’s going to be just fine and your relationship will be on track to where you want it to be. I’m sure he’s also going to realize how lucky he is to have found you!

I’m on a couple dating apps and I’ve talked to a couple great guys. Out of five, only one met up with me- the others vanished after quite a bit of conversation. Why does this happen? Why do people not want to meet?

When using online dating sites or apps to generate a potential new love interest, you’ll find that some people aren’t always forthright with their intention. Perhaps you chatted with an already committed someone who’s just testing the waters before diving into the single life again. Or maybe for whatever reason chatting online is the extent of what they can handle, fearful of an in person one-on-one. It’s pretty impossible to get into the head of someone who ghosts when all you’ve got are a few pictures and a short bio. What’s possible is for you to remember that online dating is a numbers game and not to take it personally. Keep swiping an clicking and eventually the numbers will be in your favor.

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