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Masked Wonderings

So many guys I meet up with on apps want one thing only- even though their profile states that they’re seeking a relationship. What’s up the deception?

Be it online or in person, not everyone in the dating pool comes from a place of honesty. Wearing the mask of Mr. Right could be his tool to achieve the goal of Mr. Right Now and it’s up to you not to fall for the trick. Be patient and eventually the right Trick or Treater will show up at your door.

For every faceless profile on my app, is there an unsuspecting wife waiting at home for her DL hubby?

Could be a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or boss… maybe even his cousin or his high school buddies. There’s no telling why people choose to go faceless, but we do know that the app itself allows permission for user anonymity. We also know that faceless profiles are more prevalent in the gay community than the straight community (according to a 2015 study by Fitzpatrick, Birnholtz and Brubaker). One could surmise this relates to their “out” status but again it’s a big question mark. If the question mark is a concern to you, then it’s best to skip over the faceless.

I went on a date with a guy I met on an app. His pics obviously weren’t current because he was more like 85 instead of 58. Why do guys do this?

If you want to catch a fish you use good bait on the hook, right? Obviously he feels his current lure isn’t as great as his bait of the past. You got hooked, but unlike the poor fish you get to swim away… quickly!

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