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I’ve been in the dating scene for a couple years and I’m still single. A lot of the guys who ask me out are really into me but I don’t return the sentiment. Am I just being picky or am I dating the wrong guys just because they asked me out?

Yes and yes, but it’s totally fixable if you want to remedy the situation. Just because someone asks you out doesn’t mean you have to say yes. There are many things that make potential dates attractive to us and conversely there are many things that render them not a match. Dating smartly as opposed to being the boy who can’t say no will increase your chances of finding the right one. Nothing good happens when you try to fit a square peg into a round hole, especially in relationships. This is where being picky is a good thing… although I prefer the word “selective”. Knowing what you want and not settling for less is the way to go.

There’s a guy who always hits me up on an app and he seems like a nice guy but I’m not attracted to him. It’s been rather slow on the dating scene for me and I’m thinking about giving him a shot.

Instead try thinking about why you took a pass originally. Chances are your position hasn’t changed so why waste your time and give this guy false hope? Sometimes the waves in the dating pool are non-existent, but the currents will change and it will be worth the wait.

I’ve asked a guy out twice and he always changes the subject and won’t commit to a date. Should I ask a third time?

No, you shouldn’t. You can move on from him knowing that you gave it your best shot and sometimes the best shot doesn’t bag the buck. Your time is better spent meeting

new people, increasing the chances you’ll find a great guy who immediately says “yes” when you ask. You deserve nothing less- don’t forget that!

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