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Remember, Forget

My husband sucks at remembering things, be it plans we made or to pick something up on his way home from work. What really makes me angry is that he never remembers our anniversary. Of all the things to forget, that one really angers me. How do I get him to remember?

Well… you really can’t. You could try to set up his Smartphone with reminders or speak with his assistant on the DL and ask them to add reminders of specific dates to his calendar. Or you could remember that he forgets everything and not just your anniversary… it’s not a personal affront to your relationship. It might be easier to just remember that his forgetfulness is part of his overall charm and gently remind him a few weeks ahead of your anniversary.

It’s been six months since my breakup and I just can’t move forward. We were together for five years and he’s on my mind every day. I miss him, what we had and the future we were supposed to have. I know in my head it’s over but my heart hasn’t caught up.

I’m really sorry you’re experiencing this post-breakup heartache. It sucks- plain and simple. The good news is that you will move forward. The great news is that you’ll move forward in a direction that will most likely astound you in the most constructive and surprising way. The not so great news is that it takes some work and time, but if I can do it there’s no doubt you can too. Talking about it and letting the words out actually helps, so rely on your closest friends and family to be a sounding board. Distraction also is helpful- consider trying new things that you’ve always wanted to do but for whatever reason you didn’t during your relationship. Most importantly, take the time to put yourself first. Focusing on constructive things in your life and placing your energy on that is great medicine. And in time, the pain will be replaced with a positive outlook that eventually will lead you straight to a new kind of happiness.

You’ve got this!

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