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September Mourn

My husband always gets depressed at the end of the summer and I don’t want to see him suffer another September. What’s the best way to get him over the end of summer blues.

You can cure the blues with a little early red and green. Considering you’re trying to cure his depression let Christmas come early and give him the gift of a winter getaway to a sunny spot. It will give him something to look forward to as well and hopefully distract him from the change of seasons at home.

I had one of those fantastic summer love affairs that’s coming to an end even though we both don’t want it to. He was here for a summer program at a local university and he has to return to his home in the UK. In the three months we spent together I can say with certainty that he’s the one and he feels the same way. How can a relationship last with an ocean between us?

The how can only be found by you two, as there’s not an instruction manual to make a long distance relationship work. A lot of couples make it work, especially if the end game is being in the same place and living happily ever after. If that’s the goal, you need to decide on the where and on the how to make it happen. If this relationship is something you both want, you’ll make it so.

There’s nothing worse than a summer breakup. I’ve been single since mid-July and the thought of going into fall and into the holidays single is killing me.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing a breakup, but I would even be sorrier if you started a new relationship just because of the calendar. Regardless of the season, don’t shortchange yourself on the time it takes to mourn and process the end of your relationship before beginning a new one. Take time for you- as long as it takes- because you’re worth it and you want to bring the best new you to your best new relationship.

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