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Reflection, Resolution and Relocation

My husband and I have been together for ten years, and I want to do something extra special this Valentine’s Day. What do you think is the most heartfelt gift I can give?

Easy- find a picture of the two of you from early in your relationship, print it in black and white and frame it. Then purchase some really nice stationery and write an old-fashioned love letter. Cover your feelings from when the picture was taken to the road that’s brought you to today. Something as simple as a handwritten letter is sentimental, thoughtful and very romantic. It’s a one of a kind gift and I’m sure your spouse will cherish it.

We’re a month into 2019 and I’ve already fu##ed up my New Year’s resolutions. Why does this happen every year?

Maybe because you focused on the pressure you placed on yourself to comply with a New Year’s resolution instead of really understanding and embracing the purpose of your intention. If you think about it, January 1st is just another day and any day can be the first day of living up to a new intention. After you determine your resolution, really think about why it’s significant and how you’ll feel with the accomplishment. Make the resolution important and pick ANY day to begin the journey.

I have an opportunity to move to a city I’ve never visited and know absolutely nobody there. I’m excited about the prospect of learning a new place but a little scared of not having friends.

The excitement of learning a new place includes meeting its inhabitants, and I’m sure you’ll make some new friends as you acclimate to your new home. Assuming you’re making the move for work, you’ll be meeting co-workers who could fill the bill as potential new friends. You’ll meet others too by checking out other social things you like, be it the gym or volunteering or checking out online meet-up opportunities. It takes courage to hit the re-start button, and most like friends who are courageous- you’ve got this!

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