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Invitations and Infuriations

A friend of mine is getting married this spring and I received an invitation. I expected it, but I didn’t expect not seeing the words “and guest”. I mentioned it to my friend and he said, “You can’t even get a date, so why waste a spot.” How should I respond?

Seems to me their wedding day would be the perfect day to schedule a dental appointment or perhaps some elective surgery. Could also be a perfect day to give your dog a bath. In other words, check the box that says “won’t be attending” and wish them the best. Your friend’s unkind words make it difficult to deliver in-person support to their happy ending when obviously and sadly your friend isn’t supporting yours.

Another Valentine’s Day without a valentine… this dating thing is so frustrating and isn’t paying off.

You shouldn’t let one day out of 365 derail your mission of finding love. Valentine’s Day may be a reminder that we’re single but it’s also a reminder of many other things, such as the fact that we’re not in a relationship that sucks. It’s a reminder that other forms of love exist in our lives and it’s a reminder that we still have hope in finding the right partner. Take the day to do something super special for yourself- perhaps indulge in some decadent sweets or treat yourself to something new. And on the 15th, put yourself right back out there on your dating mission. A lot can happen in 364 days… make it so!

I was just invited to a singles mixer. I’ve never attended one because I’ve always thought only the un-datable attend those things.

Every event is a singles mixer when you’re single and there’s an event. It’s an opportunity to meet others, and there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. As for the “un-datable”, there may be some there you don’t find a spark with, but there’s always a chance that there will be someone there ready to fan your flames. You’ll never know if you stay on the sideline, so get in the game.

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