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What’s up with the guys I meet on Tinder?!? I get matches all the time but they never send a message. They seem to just collect matches and do nothing with them.

If you point a finger at them questioning why they haven’t sent a message, you should remember that you have three fingers pointing back in your direction asking the same thing about you. Take charge and make the first move. If they don’t reply, simply unmatch and move on to the next.

What’s the best way to handle a follow-up after a date where you just don’t feel a connection? Should I say something at the end of the date or should I wait until the next day when he’s not standing in front of me?

If you’re confident that you don’t feel a connection, it’s totally OK to simply say, “I enjoyed meeting you, Bob, I don’t think it’s a love connection but it’s great to make a new friend!”. Chances are “Bob” will be very pleasant and you’ll go your separate ways. If you’re not confident with a face-to-face, you can always text the same sentiment the following day. The important thing is to actually communicate a polite “thanks, but no thanks” to your date. Adding the punctuation to the end of the sentence is the classy thing to do.

Nothing is worse than getting a message of “hey” from a guy on an app with a blank profile and no picture. Why do people do this and how should I respond?

I’ve wondered the same thing, and all I can come up with is that either they’re too lazy to successfully market themselves or they’re somewhere where they know they shouldn’t be. That said, would you really want to interact with someone coming from either scenario? Unless you’re up for the mystery date behind door number one, simply don’t engage.

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