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Cheaters and Confrontations

Last week you answered a question about faceless profiles on apps, and how maybe on reason is they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be. That reason fits my partner. I looked over his shoulder and saw him using an app. We don’t have an open relationship and I had no idea he was looking elsewhere. How do I confront him with this?

Confrontation is hard, but not knowing is harder and sometimes what you learn is the hardest of all. Confrontation shouldn’t be venomous; sticking to the facts and saving the emotional outburst for later is definitely the way to go. Ask the question, and really listen to his response before making commentary. Take as long as you want before responding- you don’t have to make a snap decision that might affect you long term. Best of luck- I hope the result works out in your favor.

Would you take back an Ex who cheated? I’m considering it, but I’m not sure if I could ever fully trust him again in spite of his claims of being “changed”.

Regardless of the “why” that leads to a break-up, reconciliation varies from couple to couple. There’s no clear answer as to whether or not you should considering taking him back- it’s simply your call based on your situation. What I do know is that being in a relationship where doubt lives is like having a criminally noisy neighbor… the sounds of voices in your head will drive you crazy. Love, respect and trust must be abundantly present for any relationship to succeed.

I was on an app and discovered my friend’s partner on it. Since seeing him, I see him on it all the time. Should I tell my friend?

Do you know of their arrangements and agreements as a couple? Probably not, so the answer is not to say one word.

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