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Beds, Texts and Choices

This is the first time I’ve been single since the 90s and it seems the pattern of dating has reversed. Does everyone sleep with someone first then have a “conventional” date if the sex was great?

Sometimes it can seem like hopping in bed at first sight is the new normal in dating, and for some this game plan works. Swiping right at 3pm doesn’t mean you have to strip down with a hot stranger by 6. If your dating blueprint begins with coffee and conversation than stick to the formula that works for you. If you find that your prospective dates prefer hitting the sheets instead of taking sips of a beverage, perhaps you should consider trying another app or dating site.

This week I’ve received a text messages from a guy I dated almost a year ago. I’m flattered that I made a lasting impression, but I’m not sure why they would be reaching out now.

If Dynasty can have a reboot, why can’t a dating opportunity? Unless you think back and recall a good reason why YOU didn’t pursue the opportunity it might be worth an hour of your time just to find out why he made contact. Perhaps the timing was off before or perhaps you’ll remember exactly why you didn’t pursue… you’ll never know unless you try.

When it comes to online dating, what website or app do you recommend?

If you want to catch a great fish, you must cast a pretty wide net. I suggest posting your well-written profile and carefully chosen pics on a few dating websites and apps. When it comes to choosing which ones, think about the target audience of each website and app. If the target audience matches what you’re looking for in a date then I would give those a shot. Give each at least 90-days to “simmer” and have fun seeing what lands in your net!

What 300WORDS are best for you?

Email your question and the next 300WORDS might just be yours!

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