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Water Coolers and Fix-Ups

After a year of dating and meeting a lot of guys that aren’t a right fit, I finally met someone that I really, really like. I really want to date him and he feels the same, but there’s one big problem… we work together. How do you handle dating someone from the office?

This is a tough one because most likely you’re starting a potential relationship with a secret and secrets are just not good things in any relationship. There’s no denying attraction and after a lot of so-so dates it’s hard if not impossible to deny yourself the chance to see where this could go, but there are a few things to really keep in mind…

  • If one of you is below the other on the organizational chart, there could be a perception of impropriety. Be ready to address that.

  • If your company has a policy regarding “fraternization”, you need to be aware of it and ready to face the ramifications.

  • If it turns out to be a love connection, you have no choice but to let Human Resources know.

  • If it turns out not to be a love connection, you still have to see each other every day.

In many ways, dating is like a trip to Vegas- you either lose big, win big or break even. In the game of office relationships you really need to be aware of what’s at stake when you put down your money. Give it thought, and if you decide to place a bet on love with your co-worker I hope you’re dealt a royal flush!

A friend wants to fix me up with her friend. I’ve never been on a “fix up date” before… thoughts?

Friends and family know us pretty well, so it’s logical that they would have an inside track as to who we’d like… and who would like us back. Of course it’s worth a shot, but go into it with the same level of expectation you would if the date was procured from any other source you’re using. The key is remembering that if it’s a bust, you can’t be too hard on your friend for trying and if it’s a score you’re obligated to invite them to the wedding.

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