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I Do and I Take It Back

I’m going to a wedding next month, and I’m very excited for my friend and his partner. What I’m not excited about is seeing my Ex, who will also be attending. I haven’t seen him in over a year and I’m not sure how it will go or how I will feel.

Mazel to your friends! Weddings are always fun when they’re about the happy couple and not the side drama created by attendees. Two things to keep in mind: don’t borrow trouble and bring a great Plus One.

Don’t create a self-fulfilling prophecy that there will be Ex drama now just because there was most likely drama then. Your Ex is probably as apprehensive as you about the encounter, so just relax, say hello with a smile and move on. If your Ex attempts a negative floor-show you simply walk away. This is where a great Plus One comes into play. A great Plus One will keep you on point and keep your eye on the prize, being your friends’ wedding. Keep that prize in mind and focus on the fun.

I was dating someone for six months, and I ended it. I realized almost immediately that I made a major mistake. It’s three months later and I would give anything to take it back but he won’t take my calls or respond to emails.

They say that time heals all wounds, and in this situation the only wounds you can control are your own. You made a mistake, tried to rectify, and faced rejection. All you can really do is focus on learning from your error and healing from the denial you received. If you truly care about your Ex, leave them be. Maybe time will heal their wounds too, but you can’t count on that. What you can count on is taking that time to heal yourself from your mistake and try your best to never do it again.

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