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Weight, Hate and a Boarding Gate

I go to the gym regularly, and my partner doesn’t. He’s put on a few pounds- my guess is over 25. How do I get him to do something about the weight gain, like joining me at the gym?

25 pounds is more than a few, and I’m sure if he’s gained over 25 he’s well aware of it. If he’s happy with where he is physically, you should consider accepting that. If his weight gain has the opposite affect on you, you need to have an honest dialogue about it. Open and honest communication is the answer, not a date in spin class. Really listen to his point of view and respond with love and respect.

If your conversation take-away is that he wants to do something about the weight gain, you’ve just been given the green light to invite him to your gym.

I can’t stand my partner’s college friends. They are pompous, arrogant, and simply not that smart. How do I get out of socializing with them?

You might not like this answer…. but the correct answer is that you can’t and you don’t. My grandmother used to say, “It’s only one night. You can survive anything for one night for the sake of (your partner)”. Suck it up, put on that smile and go through the motions for your partner’s benefit. Try hanging out with the other halves of these friends, and you might just find an ally that’s in total agreement with you.

My partner and I never can agree on a vacation spot and the result is that we never go on vacation. I need a break and he needs a break. How can I make this needed trip happen?

Pick an all-inclusive getaway with tons of activity options or compromise and go on the trip of his choice. Either way, you’ll be getting a change of scenery and there’s sure to be something there that you’ll love to experience. Make that choice and start packing!

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