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I recently experienced a breakup and I know my Ex is twisting the story to make him look good and me look like the bad guy. How can I get the last word in and set these people straight?

The last word is conveyed to the world by living your best life and creating your happily ever after. Why should you care what your Ex says to others? There’s really no reason to care because you’ve moved on and chances are his audience knows the performer very well. Give them credit to discern the truth from self serving stories. They know the difference, and if for whatever reason they don’t, it simply doesn’t matter. Their opinions regarding your breakup are only consequential if you allow it- so don’t!

A friend of mine told me that she heard my Ex is dating a friend of ours. Should I say something to the friend?

Does it involve you? There’s your answer… don’t say a word and let them do their thing while you do yours.

I went on a date with a guy and it went really well. He asked me out again and I said yes, which prompted me to scope out his Facebook page. I discovered that he’s friends with my Ex- should I bring this up?

The reality is that we all have connections on Social Media that vary on the scale of involvement, ranging from Besties to college friends to the fun guy you met at a Super Bowl party three years ago who you haven’t seen since. Put the “friendship” out of your head and focus on having a really great second date- no need to know the word on the street this early in the game.

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