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Surprises and Sabotage

I want to throw a birthday party for my husband, but he’s not into celebrating his birthday and he really hates being surprised. It’s a big one this year and it really needs to be celebrated, and he deserves every accolade.

One of the best accolades you can give him is to host a birthday celebration he would actually like. If he’s not into surprise parties, don’t throw one. A small dinner with friends or even a few small dinners might be the ticket. Just because some might consider your celebration low key, it will hit the perfect note with him and you’ll be a rock star for giving him something he truly wants.

I’m really trying to lose weight, and it seems like my other half is trying to derail my efforts. He brings home sweets and baked goods and wants to share them with me, and he always wants to go out to eat instead of having a healthy meal at home. How do I deal with this?

How you handle it depends on your resolve to get in shape. If you really want to accomplish weight loss, the answer is easy… channel Nancy Reagan and just say no (you should class it up a bit and say no, thank you). When he wants to share the cookies, say no thank you to the dessert and yes to a cup of coffee with him while he enjoys the chocolate chips. When it comes to going out, why would you not? Restaurants offer healthy choices with the benefit of no messy clean up. Just stay true to your desire to get in shape and nothing nor no one will derail you.

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