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Springing Forward, Falling Back

I have a friend who after a few years of being single reconnected with his Ex. He admitted to me that they’re dating and on the road to getting back together. Considering how bad their breakup was, I’m very nervous for my friend and I don’t think this is the best idea at all. How do I tell him this is an outrageous mistake?

As hard as this may be to read, the answer is that you don’t. The key is finding out why your friend thinks this is the best idea and not an outrageous mistake. You should ask why and in doing so really did deep. Tell your friend that you remember the breakup, but you really remember what he went through afterward and you only want the best for his future. Listen to him and his reasons for entertaining reconciliation, and as a good friend you have every right to ask questions that relate to his best interests. After you’ve had the conversation, difficult as it may be, you should support your friend’s choice.

I’ve been single for two years and during that time I really focused on my growth and making my own happiness. I believe it’s time to start dating, but something is holding me back… not sure what, but I can’t seem to get myself out there.

If something is holding you back, you might need a little more time before entering the dating world. Keep doing what you’re doing for yourself and when the time is right you’ll know. And when you’re ready, I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park… you’ve got this!

I feel like I’m in an online dating rut. What’s the best way to get out of it?

Take a month off from the hand-held and use the time to do at least three different things that put you around dating opportunities in real time. Try a singles night at a good club or perhaps give speed dating a go. Shaking up how you source dates is always a good idea, and when you go back (if you go back) online it will seem a bit fresher.

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